BlueNimble Management Console

Highly scalable, fault-tolerant, Management Console to manage serverless clusters, runtime spaces, teams and security


1 time license fee up-front with 45 days warrantee, money back. +20% yearly based on list price.
Quarterly license fee up-front, with 30 days warrantee, money back. Get 20% discount on list price, when you pay yearly.
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Note: Not profit, Schools, Universities and Colleges, are entitled to a 30% discount on list price.


Standard 8/5 support included with a 48 hours issue resolution window.
Get 24/7 support for +20% list price with a 8 hours issue resolution window.
What’s included
. Software updates and patches
. Software specific issues resolution
. Bi-quarterly architecture assessment


24 hours online training for 5 participants included.