About Us

We’re a team of architects and engineers that have been working in Enterprise Systems for over 15 years. Fueled by a passion and desire for working smarter and faster, we set out to build the ultimate platform.

With our unique individual experience and drive, combined with the foresight of the Severless revolution, we became BlueNimble. For the past two years we’ve been building an array of products all designed around the needs of the future, which ultimately became the Hybrid-Serverless Platform.

Management Team

Mohammed Loukili


Director and Software Manager with over 20 years experience in large enterprise systems, cloud/paas.
Former IBM and Microsoft.
Masters in Science

Michael Amaru

VP of Marketing

Over 14 years experience in branding and creative direction.
5 years management experience in Start-ups.

Mehdi Bendriss

Lead Developer & Architect

Over 5 years experience.
Former IBM, Voxalto and SenseSay
Masters in Computer Science.